We love real soap! Not the detergent-based store shelves type, but real, made the way our great-grandparents made. Now great grandma’s soap was good for washing clothes, floors, dishes and people, but it was pretty harsh and drying. She only had access to a couple of different fats she could make it from, and it often was lye heavy because she didn’t have the precise tools we have now to create mild, bubbly and beautiful formulas. We have soap calculators, digital scales, and have access to hundreds of exotic oils, all giving us the ability to improve the whole process.

We are located in Calgary, Alberta where the winters are long and cold, so we stay inside and play. We plan each recipe with a goal in mind, to be firstly very mild. With cold winters drying our skin, we don’t need our soap stripping the oils from our skin too. Secondly, it needs to be creamy and bubbly. Lastly, but not least important, we want it to be beautiful.

Choose your soap well. Some of us have delicate sensitive skin. All of our soaps are mild, and will not strip your skin of natural oils, but will provide a fresh clean skin. Help reduce dryness and the look of fine lines and help your skin look healthy and clean. If you have questions on what soaps would be most beneficial for your type of skin, we would be happy to help you choose. If you have a known history of skin sensitivity, we suggest you try our Unscented line of soaps or our milk soaps without scents. Please feel free to email us with any questions!

Each and every bar is created with love. We love our craft, we love to create and we love to use our soap. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Made in Calgary, Canada

We are a Calgary based business, we currently sell only to Canadians. All of our supplies are purchased from Canadian suppliers, 90% of which are located here in Calgary. It is important to us to support local businesses and we hope you feel that is also important to you. I know it is only a small gesture, but we believe in supporting our local economy.