Not All Soap is Created Equally

The Truth About Handmade Soap and Bath Products

Not all hand made soaps are created equal. Don’t be disappointed with your purchase. Ask questions before you buy.

Here are a few good questions to assist you in making an intelligent purchase.

Q. Ask how long have you been making soap?

A.  If they just started making soap, you may not be happy with your nice new bar of soap. It takes years to perfect your recipes, there is a lot of trial and error in making sure you have the best soaps. It is not something you can rush.

Q. Are you Health Canada compliant?

A. If not, do not buy from them. Canada has strict regulations that each product must be registered with them. This helps us as manufacturers of soap know what ingredients are restricted, banned or controlled to make sure our products are safe for you. If they haven’t submitted their information, you could be using an unsafe product.

Q. How long did you cure your soap?

A. Any soap needs a 4 to 6 week cure time, this insures it is mild and safe for your skin. To skimp on cure time, you will have a bar of soap that melts quickly, may not be sudsy, or even still be lye heavy.

Q. Is there preservatives used in your liquid products or lotions?

A. If the answer is no, you may be purchasing a bottle of bacteria.

A toxic cocktail is not something you wish to put on your skin. Remember that vitamin E, rosemary, and grapefruit extracts are NOT preservatives! Many “Natural” type products still need a preservative, no matter what they say, there is no such thing as a natural preservative. An “All Natural “ product sounds so healthy but ends up being the exact opposite! 

Q. Ask what type of skin the product is best for.

A. Beware of claims of curing eczema, or other diseases, it is not legal to make medical claims of any type unless your products go through rigorous testing and you apply for a Natural Health Product number, and that number must be printed on the label.

Q. What are the ingredients?

A. The ingredients must be listed on the label in Canada. They are listed in INCI terms (similar to Latin terms) starting with the ingredient that has the highest concentration to the lowest. If they are not listed this way, be aware that this product is not Health Canada compliant and may not be safe for use.

Q. How mild is your soap?

A. Soap makers have a scale that measures the mildness and the moisturizing qualities of their recipes. Some soapmakers make soap that is very mild, some make it a bit harsher, it is a personal preference . If you are looking for something mild , let them know. The harsher the soap, the more drying it can be, make sure you get what you like.

Q. Tell me about your product.

A. Here is where you will get a good idea whether or not the company knows what they are doing. A good soapmaker will explain why they use certain ingredients, how those combined ingredients can be beneficial for your skin type, and they will ask you questions about your skin. They can help you find the best products to suit your particular situation. This is where a great soapmaker will shine.

Don’t be afraid to ask. I realize that buying soap is not a huge expense, but you can make it an informed decision just by asking a few questions. Love the soap you buy!